What is Zest4life?

Zest4life is an exciting, new and powerful health improvement and weight loss process designed to educate and motivate you to change and improve your body, your health, and your well being for good.

The Zest4life programmes have been co-created by Patrick Holford, one of Britain’s most respected nutritionists and author of over 20 health books. Patrick has designed the Low GL diet for fast and effective weightloss and energy improvement. In trials, Low GL has proved to be twice as effective as low calorie, low fat diets.

Example results from clients after following one of the Zest4life programmes (sample of 295):
100% reported improvements in their health
95% lost weight & increased their energy levels
84% improved their concentration & had fewer cravings
73% reported lower stress levels

How is Zest4life different?

Most diets or approaches to weight-loss focus simply on one element such as diet, group support or exercise and the goal is primarily for short-term success. In contrast the Zest4life programme combines a number of components that will enable you to be successful at losing weight and maintaining that loss. The Zest4life approach combines personal professional guidance with group support; a healthy, easy to follow, and balanced low-GL diet with nutritional education and coaching to enable you to break old habits and create new ones, thus setting you well on your way to creating a new improved you.

Zest4life programmes can followed either in small groups (maximum of 12 people) or as 1:1 consultations for a more individual approach.

The group programmes run for 6 – 10 weeks during term time in Central Manchester and South Liverpool dependant on numbers, and are a fun and supportive way to follow the Zest4life process.

What Happens at a Zest4life Group Programme?

Weighing and Body Composition Analysis (Body Fat %, Metabolic Age, Water %, Visceral Fat Rating and BMR)
Health checks.
Nutritional education on a variety of health topics.
Education of the Low-GL way of eating.
Goal setting.
Motivational Weight Loss and Coaching.