Approach to Treatment

In practice you often find that you see patients who have tried other routes in health care and have not managed to find solutions. I would  support patients in the management of all areas of health, working very much like a general practitioner.

Prior to meeting with me I ask you to fill in the attached health questionnaire. This allows us to maximize consultation. The first consultation takes around 1-1.5hrs, involving a detailed case history and a physical examination if necessary. We will look at your past and present medical history, focus on your main aims of treatment, lifestyle, diet and discuss your stresses and strains. This provides me with the information to come up with a formulae which is perfect for you.

Your individualized programme may incorportate herbal medicine, dietary advice, an exercise or a relaxation routine, a supplement programme and functional tests if necessary. You will be closely supported throughout this process by either telephone or email support and or regular appointments every 2-4 weeks to ensure that we can meet your changing needs. Whichever suit you and your circumstances.

You will receive a typed copy of our goals together with any support you need including menu planning and recipes.  You will then have a record of all of our work that become a working plan.