• "Be the change you want to see"


Be the change you want to see.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Benjamin Franklin


What we do ?
We provide you support and guidance on which natural remedies can really make a difference to your life and help you achieve your health goals. Often patients have tried other routes in health care and have not managed to find solutions. We work closely to support you. We are all unique and a bespoke written programme including dietary advice (healthy eating, nutrition), lifestyle changes and support, supplements, herbal medicine and functional testing may be included, is designed to be workable and motivating.

Our main therapist Dalbinder Bains has over 10 years experience and has clinics in South Liverpool and Central Manchester (Neals Yard). We provide 1;1 consultations, groupwork in the workplace and out, weightloss and health education (herbal medicine and nutrition) courses and seminars.

Regular Patrick Holford ZEST4LIFE courses are ran in different locations. Our aim is to support optimum health and wellness. Inspiring others to achieve enhanced wellbeing is our objective.

We Help to Facilitate…

  • Optimal energy levels
  • Feelings of wellbeing
  • An ability to adapt to the pressures of a modern lifestyle
  • Optimum digestion
  • Healthy weight management
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Tolerance to a broad range of food groups
  • Additional meal and snack ideas

Find out more
As a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist & Medical Herbalist, Dalbinder Bains the principal therapist at LNW & MNW treats a wide array of people with an equally wide array of medical problems using food, supplements and herbal remedies, focusing on her patients main aims looking to restore inherent vitality and vibrancy which is compromised in illness. Both therapies work incredibly synergistically giving our bodies the correct tools to bring us back into a state of equilibrium or balance given their ability to nourish and protect, revitalize and heal.

We are all passionate about the healing potential of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.